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8th October

October 8, 2017

Down with my brother today helping sort out the dog kennel roof to go on and get felt put on.

Hooch is loving the rest away from Turner he has likes Spencer’s two little ones.

Well that’s the kennel all finished Hooch has had a nice sit in it.

Maybe he need one for himself when we get back to Stevenage

Cool set of words in the toilet lol


2nd October

October 2, 2017

Countdown to the latest on getting the tenants out can’t wait to get home.

Working away at Salisbury BMW tomorrow and Wednesday then off up to Cumbria to get keys for the shop and do some visiting.

Last week has been a tough one for Francesca but she is trying really hard I think getting home will help her if not it’s gonna break her 🙁

Archie is grounded for walking away from the boundary’s little turd was two streets away with some friends……. he won’t be doing it again


26th September Xxx

September 26, 2017

Well finally at 8.40 they decided it was time to lay down and chill out after Turners crazy 30 minutes.

Oh and Rocky had a stroll in the bath while Bella stayed in her bed.

Francesca is of to grab some well deserved dinner after getting the new sofa bed setup it’s nice good choice Francesca I would so not have chosen well LOL

Love to all sleep well my babies thinking about you as always.


20th September 2017

September 20, 2017

Well it’s 6.40am and just getting ready to go

Back to Mercedes to make sure everything is working okay and then we can get set off.

No water yet to wash in so not over impressed with Place but at least I only had to ring them 3 times to ask for it to be sorted out.

Missing my Family hope they all slept well and I will see them later let’s hope the motorways are not closed or james like yesterday.

M1 yesterday after a suspect package was found by Mk


Sunday 17th September

September 17, 2017

Wow what a night couldn’t wait to fall asleep won’t be doing that again ever let’s hope Francesca agrees.

Me, Hooch and Turner at home chilling today they are such cuddly little babies.

Oi babies less of the snoozing … Francesca is out and Archie is away and Nan’s and Grandad’s so plenty of rubbish tv and junk food poor sods won’t have anything left at this rate.

Turner has been sick yesterday and today if he is not better in the morning will have to get him off to the vets. Got to have a slow Monday as Tuesday is going to be mentally long me and Ben have a cabinet re patch in south lakes.


16th September 2017

September 16, 2017

9.56 in the morning dogs all out and fed now just getting some work done on Autobit so we can show on Monday or Tuesday.

This weekend just a chilled out one need some brain relax been over exerting with work some real challenges.

Croft House has been completely given back and NPower all paid for Gas and Electric along with DD’s cancelled, Council tax stopped and removed from electoral roll.

Well back later.